Culture Purple Resources

Discover Your Purpose


Participate in our group activation game that helps you discover and dream into your unique purpose. Our specialized design helps participants realize that their purposed path has been inside of them the whole time. 

Hope Arise - Curriculum


Our emerging young leader development program & facilitator guide is a 7 section training that leads your community into greater hope and purpose.

Dream Planner


Our Dream Planner resource helps each participant work with local mentors and take a step-by-step approach into their own dream & purpose journey to impact their community & world.

Courage Cards


Courage Cards are a daily way to strengthen yourself, overcome difficulties and persevere while learning to live out your purpose & dream. Keep moving forward!



Culture Purple can impact any culture for the better, enhancing existing strengths & bringing out the most in each person. Our training & resources have gone to Ethiopia, Israel, Palestine, Uganda, Zambia and more!

Dream, Again


Dive into an allegorical tale to help you Dream, Again. This novel is a series of dream interactions between the personified mascot of America, a bald eagle named Founder, and an American teenager who has lost the way of hope.