About us



Our longest term program, we worked with young adults as well as at-risk youth from the streets & orphanages. We watched them become leaders, and shining examples of change in their families, communities and nation.

The young leaders we mentored in Addis Ababa have gone on to carry their own programs impacting the youth of their culture.



Whether meeting regularly, speaking, training, or a one-time consult; we have loved the variety of non-profits, businesses, churches, individual leaders and more we have had the privilege of coming alongside. When you become a people who live out a culture, you establish a structure that can launch a movement.



Currently implement The Culture Purple at McCloud High School in northern CA, we are so encouraged by our times in the classroom and with staff and students one on one. We've worked in private schools as well as some of the tougher classrooms around--and each one proves to be full of treasures just waiting to be found



The culture of your sports team or program is foundational to long term success. We help create a culture of family, team and individual identity, courage, confidence, and goal-oriented growth. 

Israel & Palestine


We have spent the past 5 years working with various groups, government programs & organizations in the Israel & Palestine area to help empower young leaders across the region to rise up in a new, special form of hope and peace.

Where to Now?


Our vision and hope is to empower a generation of youth & young leaders across the world who dream into and live out every purpose they have been created for.

We want youth everywhere to know they are valued, they are loved, they have purpose, and, that we believe in them!

The Culture Purple

Let's Dream Together - Find Your Purpose

How can you discover your purpose? 

How can you empower others to do the same?

Let's look at these steps that can help extract the value and purpose that is already within you.

Stories of Empowerment

Most of the time, those around you are just waiting for someone to believe in them.

We want to help you be that someone...

Let's Dream Together - Episode 2

What is the unique and special dream that you were created for?