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Our longest term and pilot program, we worked with young adults as well as at-risk youth from the streets & orphanages. We helped local leaders empower local, impoverished youth to become shining examples of change in their families, communities and nation.

The young leaders we mentored in Addis Ababa have gone on to carry their own programs impacting the youth of their culture.



We consult, train and speak to help strengthen your culture and community be fulfilled from top to bottom. It is our goal to see the best in each person or circumstance, and to bring out the most in them. We strengthen a culture of family and purposeful empowerment.  When you become a people who live out a culture, you establish a house that can launch a movement.



We love to serve your leaders and community by consulting, strategizing, speaking and training to help you launch into your new beginning. We believe we're in a 'Generational Era' and one of the keys to changing culture is seeing the hearts of the fathers and mothers turned to the children, and the children to the fathers & mothers. First, each heart needs to be fulfilled in hope, identity & purpose. We work with and release the Father's heart to both, to help your church be a powerful family who moves forward together!



Perhaps you've seen the recent sports marketing programs geared towards "Family." This is a great focus and culture, but it's more than just a slogan on a t-shirt. We help your team or organization become more deeply knit together while empowering their own unique roles on a team. We want every teammate to see the best in one another, and to bring out the most in each. A true team learns to compete for one another, rather than against each other. We give them vision to make that possible. 

Israel & Palestine


We have spent the past 5 years working with various groups, government programs & organizations in the Israel & Palestine area to help empower young leaders across the region to rise up in a new, special form of hope and peace. We are peacemakers at heart and our process & strategy helps empower peace not just through compromise, but through fulfilling each person from the inside-out. 



Our vision and hope is to empower a generation of youth & young leaders across the world who dream into and live out every purpose they have been created for.

We want youth everywhere to know they are valued, loved, they have purpose, & that they are believed in!

We recently finished a full year implementation of The Culture Purple at McCloud High School in northern CA. We've worked in private schools as well as with some of the tougher at-risk students and classrooms around--and in each place we pioneer renewed hope together!

The Father's Blessing

Identity & Empowerment

The Father's Blessing is a generational heritage that was once passed down from generation to generation. It was a birthright that imparted hope and future. However, many fathers and mothers of today have never been given this special blessing by their parents, thus it is difficult to give to our sons and daughters something that we have never received ourselves. That is where The Culture Purple begins.

We restore this generational blessing to the parents and leaders who have lived much of their life unaware how much their hearts have craved to be valued, loved, purposed and believed in so unconditionally. We help leaders, fathers and mothers receive this blessing of restored hope and help them rebuild their own special identity. Then, we help them know how to pass this on to the next generation that both generations might be honored for who they are, fulfilled, and empowered in purpose together.

Much of the significance we all search for is already within us, and this process we call The Culture Purple simply comes alongside to help point to and fulfill what is already hidden within, waiting to come to life!


The Culture Purple

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How can you empower others to do the same?

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We want to help you be that someone...

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