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You are Valued 

You are Loved  

You have Purpose  

We Believe in YOU!

A Father's Blessing

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The Culture Purple


You are valued. 

You are loved. 

You have purpose. 

We believe in you! 

These are the core values we live by, impart to others, and the perspective we empower you & yours to live from. Too many people, especially youth, search or strive for significance when they could be living from such. It's up to us to show them the truth they were created in. The Culture Purple is about seeing the best in others, and bringing out the most from within them.



We've been privileged to impart this culture through training, consulting, resources and more with schools & in classrooms, enhancing sports programs, building business culture, encouraging churches, watching at-risk youth surprise us, serving government programs, nations and even conflict areas. The Culture Purple empowers purpose, fulfills identity, creates belonging & family while helping you see new possibilities in people and circumstances all around you.

Why Purple?


Purple is a color that has so often defined honor or a royal family line. In ancient times purple dye was very rare and had to be extracted over time to bring out its true value. However, few could afford the cost of purple. Now, we help people see and extract the value that's hidden within them and see that value become something special they live, and give, to the world. The Culture Purple honors each person like royalty, and loves them like family.

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The Culture Purple

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